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Graduate advising in the Department of Earth Sciences is the responsibility of each student's graduate advisor. In consultation with the Graduate Committee, the graduate advisor determines the student's background deficiencies, approves study lists, recommends committee membership (examination, thesis, dissertation), monitors progress to the degree, and acts as a scientific mentor.

Graduate Advisor office is located in room 1456 of the Geology building

Gordon Love
Graduate Advisor
Professor of Biogeochemistry
Department of Earth Sciences
University of Riverside, CA 92521
(951) 827-3181 (Voice)
(951)-827-4324 (Fax)

John Herring
Student Affairs Officer
1140A Bachelor Hall
Department of Earth Sciences
University of Riverside, CA 92521
(951) 827-2441 (Voice) (951) 827-4324 (fax)

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