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Mahesh Mundakkara Kovilakam



Ph.D., University of Wyoming, Atmospheric Science, 2012


 Phone: (951)-827-4549

 Office: Geology 415C




Research Interests:

  • Atmospheric aerosols
  • Large Scale Atmospheric Dynamics
  • Climate variability

 Recent Projects: 

  • Tropical expansion and its impact on the Hydrological and Energy Cycles
  • Atmospheric Aerosols and their impact on the Hydrological and Energy Cycles


Kovilakam, M., andT. Deshler, 2013: On the accuracy of stratospheric aerosol extinction derived from in situ balloon borne size distribution measurements and surface area derived from SAGE II extinction measurements, Submitted to Journal of Geophysical Research

 Gazeaux, J., Clerbaux, C., George, M., Hadji-Lazaro, J., Kuttippurath, J., Coheur, P.-F., Hurtmans, D., Deshler, T., Kovilakam, M., Campbell, P., Guidard, V., Rabier, F., and Th├ępaut, J.-N, 2013: Intercomparison of polar ozone profiles by IASI/MetOp sounder with 2010 Concordiasi ozonesonde observations, Atmos. Meas. Tech., 6, 613-620, doi:10.5194/amt-6-613-2013. 

Conference, workshop and Presentations: 

M. Kovilakam, Jennifer Mercer, and Terry Deshler, 2008: Signatures of transport into the tropical lower stratosphere. Is there supporting evidence for observations of anomalously high aerosol concentrations in the tropical lower stratosphere?: Geophysical Research Abstracts, Vol. 10, EGU2008-A-11250 

M. Kovilakam, 2009: Comparison of Aerosol parameters from balloon-borne OPC and SAGE II measurements during volcanic and non-volcanic periods: poster presented at the Graduate symposium, University of Wyoming, Laramie, Wyoming, USA,  April 6-7


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