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Staff & Faculty


NamePositionArea of Research

David D. Oglesby

Professor, Chair Earthquake Processes
Robert J. Allen Associate Professor Climatology
Nicolas Barth Assistant Professor Earthquake Processes, Neotectonics
Andrey Bekker Associate Professor Paleoclimatology
Maryjo Brounce Assistant Professor Petrology
Elizabeth Cochran Adjunct Assistant Professor Earthquake Processes
Roby Douilly Assistant Professor Seismology
James H. Dieterich Distinguished Professor of Geology and Geophysics Earthquake Processes

Larissa F. Dobrzhinetskaya

Research Geophysicist Mineral Physics, Ultrahigh Pressure Mineralogy, Experimental Petrology
Mary Droser Professor, Vice Chair Paleobiology
Wilfred A. Elders Professor of Geology Emeritus/Research Geologist Research Geology
Marilyn Fogel Professor Stable Isotope Biogeochemistry, Ecology
Heather Ford Assistant Professor Seismology
Gareth Funning Associate Professor, Undergraduate Advisor (Geophysics) Earthquake Processes, Active Tectonics
Abhijit Ghosh Associate Professor Earthquake Processes, Seismology
Robert C. Graham Professor (Cooperating Faculty) Soil Mineralogy, Pedology, Soil Geomorphology
Nigel C. Hughes Professor, Undergraduate Advisor (Geology) Paleobiology
Stephen R. Kane Associate Professor Exoplanets and Habitability
Katherine J . Kendrick Adjunct Assistant Professor Tectonic Geomorphology and Neotectonics
Wei Liu Assistant Professor Physical Oceanography and Climate Dynamics
Sandra Kirtland Turner Assistant Professor Paleoclimate/Paleoceanography
Gordon Love Professor, Graduate Advisor Biogeochemistry
Timothy Lyons Distinguished Professor Biogeochemistry, Astrobiology
Michael A. McKibben Associate Professor Economic Geology and Geochemistry
Richard A. Minnich Professor Biogeography, Fire Ecology
Douglas M. Morton Adjunct Professor Regional Geology of Southern California
Andy Ridgwell Professor Biogeochemical Modeling, Climate
Peter M. Sadler Professor Quantitative Statigraphy
Thomas A. Scott Adjunct Professor Conservation Biology


Shawn Biehler Professor Emeritus Geophysics
Frank Dickson Professor Emeritus Geochemistry
Tien-Chang Lee Professor Emeritus Geophysics, Hydrogeology
Michael A. Murphy Professor Emeritus  Invertebrate Paleontology
Stephen K. Park Professor Emeritus Geophysics, Magnetotellurics
Michael Woodburne Professor Emeritus Vertebrate Paleontology

In Memoriam

Harry W. Green Distinguished Professor of Geology and Geophysics Earthquake Processes Ultra-High-Pressure Metamorphism


Christodoulos Kyriakopoulos Assistant Researcher Earthquake Processes
Keith Richards-Dinger Associate Researcher  Earthquake Processes

Postdocs, Lecturers and Specialists

Steve Bates Academic Coordinator Geochemistry
Andrew Bishop EDGE Institute Associate Professional Researcher Environmental Biogeochemistry
Paul Dalba Postdoctoral Researcher Exoplanets and Habitability
Filiz Duda Visiting Scholar Earthquake Processes, Active Tectonics
Jan-Peter Duda Visiting Scholar Biogeochemistry
Dominik Hulse Postdoctoral Researcher Climate Modeling
Yoshiki Kanzaki Postdoctoral Researcher Climate Modeling
Carina Lee Postdoctoral Researcher Biogeochemistry
TBA Museum Scientist  Vertebrate Paleontology 
Teo Mocnik Postdoctoral Researcher Exoplanets and Stellar Variability
Kaycee Eileen Morra Postdoctoral Researcher Stable Isotope Biogeochemistry, Ecology
Kingsley Odigie Postdoctoral Researcher Geochemistry
Carlye Peterson Postdoctoral Researcher Climate Modeling
Edward Schwieterman Postdoctoral Researcher Exoplanet modeling
Junpeng Zhang Postdoctoral Researcher Sedimentary Geochemistry


Laurie Graham Department Technician, (951) 827-4871
Karen Cato Financial and Administrative Assistant, (951) 827- 3182
Lauren English Museum Scientist, (951) 827-3440
Sarah Simpson Communication Specialist, (951) 827-3106
Jeanette Westbrook EDGE Institute Director Support, (951) 827-3321
Ying Lin EDGE Institute Academic Coordinator, (951) 827-3434
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