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The diverse and collaborative faculty in the Earth Sciences Department provide a unique opportunity for a broad background in Global Climate and Environmental Change.



MartinMartin Kennedy
(Program Director) paleoclimate events recorded in the Martin Kennedystratigraphic record; Cenozoic and modern carbon cycle and biogeochemical feedbacks within the biosphere; oceanographic events surrounding climate change events; modern and quaternary sedimentary systems of California.



Rich Supervises Grad Students

Rich Minnich- lateral snow transport and quaternary glaciation inCalifornia; tertiaryRich Minnich climate and vegetation change in California, Perennial snow and subalpine tree lines; Extreme drought and forest dieback in southern California and northern Baja California Mexico.




Gordon Love

Gordon Love- understanding the global carbon cycle and the long-term fate of organic molecules, and the use of molecular organic geochemistry in monitoring of a variety of organic pollutants and microbial processes.




Mary Droser

Mary Droser- the biotic response to environmental perturbation; diversification of animals following the Neoproterozoic glaciations; ecology of mass extinctions and diversifications animal-sediment relationships in terrestrial and marine environments.



Alan Williams

Alan Williams- stable isotope geochemistry as an indicator of global climate changes; weather dynamics as a consequence and/or a driver of climate change, and planetology including atmospheric energy balance.




Tom Scott

Tom Scott- Wildlife conservation in fragmented and altered landscapes, including studies of wildlife movement, habitat use, and population biology in diverse habitats; behavioral changes and adjustments in habitat use of woodland bird species; the conservation and management of bird species through captive propagation, predator control, and habitat restoration.



Katherine Kendrick

Katherine Kendrick- landscape response to climatic and tectonic perturbations; pedogenesis to constrain rates of surficial processes and determine landscape sensitivity in Quaternary systems.







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